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Digital and HD channels

Do not miss your favorite programs, sports matches, news and entertainment in digital quality 720/1080p. The ability to record a live broadcast programs(PVR); view the Program Guide (EPG).





One of the most common services offered by our company is "Video Club". This service provides access to the collection of video recordings. In the video club you will find the most recent movies, series, documentaries, entertainment programs, as well as a lot of interesting information on your choice.

Access to a well-known file sharing resource allows you to watch any video on your taste. This service provides a truly huge number of films, audio recordings and other media content.




MEGOGO - online cinema with legal video content. MEGOGO.NET library has more than 22 thousand hours of video. This is more than 3500 full-length movies, 1800 cartoons, 850 series, 200 television shows and concerts. In addition, the online catalog daily updated with the qualitative video material, including novelties.




The site YouTube, you can search, view, and even publish videos. Today it has become a platform for the billions of people around the world who communicate with each other, share news and fresh ideas. Authors and advertisers it provides unique opportunities to display video and ads.




"Radio" service gives you an opportunity to listen to any of more than 100 European radio stations broadcasting in original quality.




All you need for KARAOKE: Karaoke songs, equipment and software for karaoke.




Media Browser

The service "Media browser" will allow you to connect to the console MAG-250 using any USB flash drive with video or audio content, connect the LAN to the PC using the UPNP and you will be able to easily configure any network connection.




Wireless headset allows you to make full use of the Internet browser built into the device.





One of the advanced features of the "" system is Hydrometeorological portal. Enter the name of the town and you will get most accurate weather forecast for 2 days. Add cities to the list of favorites to have quick access to the weather forecast.



Currency Rate

Take advantage of the financial instrument - page of currency rates. Convert one currency into another at a fresh spot rate and build their forecasts fluctuations of the ruble, euro, dollar or the Ukrainian hryvnia.





Choose your zodiac sign and find out what the stars have prepared to you today.
Always be aware of what the stars say.